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Articles and facts related to ORM tools comparison.

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1 Is it possible to use a specialized API instead of common in tests? Administrator 11706
2 What kind of ORM tool can win in this benchmark? Administrator 5645
3 Are NHibernate tests really optimal? Is there any cheating making them run slower? Administrator 5480
4 Links to discussions related to ORMBattle.NET test suite and its results Administrator 5390
5 Your tests are unrealistic! Administrator 5175
6 In fact, you're testing bulk insert \ update \ remove operations in "CUD Multiple" tests. Why you prevent usage of executable DML queries there? Administrator 4525
7 How to build and run test suite? Alex Yakunin 4208
8 TestRunner.exe command line options Alex Yakunin 4047
9 I think it is a biased test suite! Alex Yakunin 4039
10 How can I subscribe to all the comments posted here? Alex Yakunin 3733
11 What results of your benchmark show? Administrator 3605
12 Let's imagine one tool outperforms another one by 100%. But database operations eat 90% of time. So total difference will be just 10%! Do you agree with this? Administrator 3384
13 Why you run a single operation for multiple times during the measurement? Administrator 3220
14 CUD tests are, in fact, designed for ORM tools using batches there. Why do you think this honest? Administrator 3208
15 Why you're trying to minimize database load on your tests? Administrator 3101
16 When results of these benchmarks are applicable? Administrator 3089
17 Is it easy to tune up an ORM tool to be #1 at ORMBattle.NET? Administrator 3085
18 You test only very basic operations. What about everything else? Administrator 2991


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